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Courtesy: HP Cummings Construction

Lyndon State College recently added a multi-million dollar addition to the T.N. Vail Building on campus. The addition includes dozens of classrooms and several professor offices. Most of the classrooms are up-to-date, with smart boards, computers, and projectors. There are two departments that use the building, and they are the meteorology and business departments. Several other departments use the building for classes, but it’s really only the business and meteorology majors that use it.

The building cost the college around $10 million, and a lot of it is going to be paid for by current and future students. I did an unscientific survey about how people feel about the new building, and most people I talked to were not happy about the new building being built. The people who were not happy about the new building were people who had no classes or minimal classes in the new building. They weren’t happy because they have to pay for a building that they barely use, and they wondered why the business and meteorology departments got priority to use the building. They also wondered why it was built, and what’s happening with the old spaces that the business and meteorology majors used to occupy. Was there an increase in student population to add the addition? The people who didn’t mind the new addition were people that had two or more classes in the building. They felt like they were at least getting some use out of the building, so it was somewhat worth their money.

All of the people I talked to said that the building was very nice, but obviously some differed on whether or not it was worth to build the addition. The people who weren’t happy about the new addition hoped they would have more than two classes in the building next year so it would be worth the money their paying for it. They also hoped to see more departments in the building, other than the business and meteorology majors.


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