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Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492…

Courtesy: Google Fair Use Images

Courtesy: Google Fair Use Images

Columbus Day is a holiday that is celebrated as a holiday across America. For most people, it means a day off from school. For other people, it means that Christopher Columbus arrived in America. Christopher Columbus arrived in America on October 12, 1492 when he sailed across the ocean blue. Columbus’ original mission was to find a western ocean route to Asia, and instead he found America. It was the first voyage to America and it was the first time that a European encountered Native Americans.

There has been controversy over Columbus Day. Professors Janet Bennion and Alexandre Strokanov of Lyndon State College debated Wednesday whether or not Columbus Day should be observed. The controversy stems from the legitimacy of honoring Columbus as a hero. Bennion stated that Columbus was violent with Native Americans and therefore should not be considered a hero. She said that he enslaved Native Americans and introduced diseases from Europe to America. She also stated that Columbus and his men raped the natives. Strokanov stated that Columbus made great strides in discovering the new land we call America, and that he worked with Native Americans to adventure into America. He also said that Bennion’s sources were not legitimate. The debate got pretty serious and Bennion compared Columbus to a terrorist, because he wreaked havoc with the Indians. She also had her husband at the debate, who was Native American. Strokanov said that Columbus was a hero for sailing across the Atlantic and if it weren’t for him, it would have been much later until someone other than the Native Americans discovered America. Overall the debate was intense, and both sides made fair arguments. Columbus Day will always be observed, but not without some debate.

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