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Everywhere But… Fox

Courtesy: FOX Network and Vivirlatino

Courtesy: FOX Network and Vivirlatino

Over the past week, Obama has been on a media blitz. He has been giving interviews on every news station, except for Fox News. This comes after the Fox Network decided not to air the president’s speech on healthcare reform and instead, aired the show “So You Think You Can Dance“. The Fox Network referred viewers to their other cable news network channel “Fox News“. Fox was the only major network not to show the president’s speech, and that did not sit well with White House staff, including the president. All week, the white house staff and Fox have been in a war of words because Fox didn’t think they had to air the president’s speech. Obama is hinting to Fox News he is not very happy with their move, by not giving Fox News an interview. A news analyst who works for Fox News said that Fox should not be punished for the move they made, calling the White House staff “a bunch of crybabies.” Fox said they don’t care that Obama didn’t ask for an interview on Fox News, saying they’ll have plenty of opportunities to interview the president.

This isn’t the first time that Fox has been involved in news drama. Fox has been known in the past for their biased coverage of news and certain political events, which stirs talk about how legitimate the cable news network really is.


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