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Courtesy: WCAX

Courtesy: WCAX

The journalist I most admire is Marselis Parsons of WCAX-TV Channel 3 News in South Burlington, Vermont. The biggest thing that I admire about Marselis is that he’s been at the station for over forty two years and has built a news empire in Vermont. He started as a news reporter, and then he became the news director and 6 PM anchor in 1984. It’s very rare that a news anchor stays at a smaller market station that long, and Marselis has done that. He could have easily moved onto a big market station and make a lot more money, but he is really dedicated to Channel 3.

Another big reason why I admire and respect Marselis is because he cares about his job and the station. He has built Channel 3 to be one of the most successful stations in the country, and the most watched news station in the Burlington, Vermont Market. The station also won “Best Newscast in the Nation” in 2003, thanks to Marselis and his staff. Channel 3 has also won tons of Associated Press, Emmy’s, and other awards for their news reporting and newscasts.

Marselis always tries to get the news first to the viewers. He also tries to get the most accurate and complete news coverage on every event his staff and reporters cover. He’s a very smart and intelligent man and has the whole “news thing” down to a science. Channel 3 isn’t the typical news station, where other stations focus on accidents, crimes, and murders. It’s a very unique station, and I think that’s what Marselis wanted for Vermont. It has proved to work at very well, because Channel 3 out does the other news stations in Vermont.

I don’t know many people who don’t watch Channel 3. If you ask anyone in Vermont to name a news anchor, they would most definitely name Marselis Parsons. Many families have grown up with Marselis, and he has become a part of so many lives in Vermont.

It will be sad when Marselis retires next month, and he will be greatly missed in Vermont. Everyone will miss Marselis, because he’s respected by many Vermonters. I feel like Channel 3 will still be a successful station without Marselis, but it’s all thanks to him. It won’t be the same without him at 6 PM.


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